Carer Visa: Sponsorship, Applicants and Entitlements

There are different classes of visas which are available to individuals interested in migrating to Australia. It is important for you to understand the types before application to ensure that your chances of approval are high. Additionally, you should consult a licensed migration agent like those at Fisa Pty Ltd for advice on the application process. These experts will provide information on policy changes, online application services and visa fees. One of the most important visas is the Carer visa, which is technically recognised as a subclass 116 visa. [Read More]

Tips for Avoiding Disputes to Your Will

When you write out a will, you expect it to be honored after your passing and for your estate and assets to be dispersed as directed. However, there are times when a will may be disputed for some reason, and in some cases, those disputes may hold up the disbursement of assets and may even change the terms of your will. To avoid disputed wills as much as possible, note a few simple tips that you don't want to overlook. [Read More]