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Reasons to Undergo Marriage Counselling

When couples choose to get married, they do not get into this institution thinking that they will have to dissolve their union down the road--but sometimes problems become large enough that divorce is a possibility. If you are willing to work on your marriage, then you should consider counselling before throwing in the towel. These counsellors are empathetic to your situation and will work with you toward repairing the union with your spouse. Here are some of the reasons why you should undergo marriage counselling.

You give your marital union a chance

The main aim of marriage counselling is to uncover the root of your marital problems and work toward remedying them. The one thing a counsellor will try to remind you is that when you got into that union, you and your spouse had deep feelings for each other. Although resentment and squabbles may have cropped up along the way, the initial feelings of love may still be lying underneath. Counselling gives you a chance to rekindle the flame of your marriage by dealing with the problems that are plaguing your union in a safe and controlled environment.

You get objective advice

Typically, when people are contemplating a divorce, the two spouses will have a myopic view about what is wrong with the marriage. This means each spouse will probably be on the offensive as they feel that the other spouse is the one in the wrong. However, when a marriage is disintegrating, both spouses will usually have played a role. A counsellor will be able to give you and your spouse objective advice on what is truly breaking the two of you apart. They will also have a fresh perspective on how to tackle the different problems you are facing with the aim of helping the both of you take responsibility for your role in the disintegration of the union.

You get a safe environment to express yourself

One of the biggest marital problems couples face is lack of communication. Passive aggression when dealing with problems does not solve the problems you are experiencing. If anything, it aggravates the marital issues. During marriage counselling, you get a chance to speak openly to both your partner and the counsellor without the fear of consequences. By individually opening up to the professional counsellor, you each will find it easier to lay down any grievances you have and enable the counsellor to chart a way forward for you and your spouse. This will determine whether the marriage is salvageable or not.