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Carer Visa: Sponsorship, Applicants and Entitlements

There are different classes of visas which are available to individuals interested in migrating to Australia. It is important for you to understand the types before application to ensure that your chances of approval are high. Additionally, you should consult a licensed migration agent like those at Fisa Pty Ltd for advice on the application process. These experts will provide information on policy changes, online application services and visa fees. One of the most important visas is the Carer visa, which is technically recognised as a subclass 116 visa. It is designed as a permanent visa for individuals who want to migrate into Australia to provide continuing care and assistance to a loved one.

Visa Sponsor

You must have a relative in Australia who requires substantial care to be eligible for the Carer visa. Basically, you can qualify as the primary or an assistant carer for the family member with a long-term or even permanent medical condition. You will need a sponsor to qualify for the visa; this can be the sick individual or their partner. The sponsor should be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or even an eligible New Zealander. Ideally, the sick person must not be able to obtain the continuing assistance they require from family members, hospitals and nursing homes in Australia. Therefore, the relative will need to be assessed through the Bupa Medical Services to ascertain that the diagnosis is accurate.


You can be an applicant for the Carer visa if the sick relative is your partner, parent, grandparent, child or grandchild. They can also be close family relations such as a brother, sister, aunt or uncle, as well as niece or nephew. The step-family equivalent of these relations is also considered acceptable during application. You must meet the health and character requirements by presenting a health examination report and a police certificate when requested. In addition, you will need to prove that you are willing as well as capable of providing the care to your relative before approval. You can include your close family members in your Carer visa application. The eligible people are your spouse or partner and children, as well as dependent relatives.


The carer visa will allow you to live in Australia as a permanent resident. You can also apply for citizenship over time, but it is important to inquire about your eligibility for this plan from your migration agent. Additionally, you can travel to and from your home country without the need for a new visa. On the other hand, you should note that your sponsor must agree to support you.